Loosey Lu's Herbal Smoking Blends is exactly what it sounds like.

These are a series of wonderful smelling blends of different herbs such as sage, rose, marshmallow root, lavender, all concocted in blends for different purposes. There's a blend to relax you, to give you energy, to help you sleep, to turn you on - and more. With or without cannabis added. Custom blends are also available. These are now available in loose form and joints at select dispensaries in Southern California. Check out her website here: www.looseylulovesyou.com

Being the natural organic lovely lady the founder is - we went with a craft paper and recyclable container line for her packaging. The different colored seals indicate the types of blends. The first round of her line are to be custom blends, specifically made to fit what the client wants, hence the fill-in label.

All product shots and styling are by me.